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    Need Some Help . . .

    I have Two Knee Surgeries (ACL Reconstructive Surgery) Within the past year. Been Going To Therapy for my Knee For the Past 4 months or so. Within the past 2 months my trainer has had me doing Leg Weights ( Squats, Leg Extension, Hamstring Curls Etc.) 3 times a week. Now Its time for me to get back into the gym. I have made a workout program, and for example i am going to be doing chest/shoulders Monday, would it be good to mix in my Leg excerises the day that im not suppose to do legs. Like do legs the day im suppose to do chest and shoulders. Thats basically it, thanks to whomever reponds.

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    i tore my acl/mcl 7 months ago. i try and do legs 3x a week. i do them in the morning before work alternating with cardio. i cant lift much and my knee shakes a lot when i lift. im sure you know, just dont put a lot of weight on. sucks huh. im to the point now i can jog a little. i can play b-ball again but carefully. no hard cuts, kinda in a straight line, set some picks, and set up outside. you are probably about the same point i am because ive just recently started my therapy again. did a month of it 3-4x a week, then moved doing it on my own. gl

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