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    Looking for a good circuit

    I have been doing cardio for a couple weeks now and my main goal is to loose about 40lbs. I have cleaned my diet up and doing cardio 5-7 days/week. I would like some help with putting together a good circuit to incorporate a circuit. I am not too concerned with lower body as I do cardio alot and that is not my problem area. I have ordered some clen and T3, going to start that hopefully the first of the week.

    Current Stats
    24yrs old
    6'1" 240lbs currently goal is to get down to 190-200lbs
    have lost about 5 lbs in the last week and a half
    Clen/T3 will be added next week
    diet is clean, alot of protein ex. salmon, tuna, chicken.
    Like most men I carry all of my extra weight up front.
    My cardio consists of 45mins of 30mins of elliptical and 15mins of bike.
    No injuries
    I was a college baseball player and trained alot in college this weight was all put on after college.
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