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    Dual Factor Hypertrophy Program


    here is a DFHT program I somewhat modified. let me know what you knowlegable guys think. thanks

    REGULAR TRAINING (1-2weeks)
    Upper Day 1 (regular training)
    Bench Press 3x6
    Incline Press 3x6
    close grip 3x6
    Pushdown 3x6
    Shrugs 4x6
    Dumbbell Rows 3x6
    Pullups 3xF
    Military Press 3x6
    Preacher Curls 3x6

    Upper Day 2
    Incline Press 3x6
    Flys 3x6
    Overhead DB Ext. 3x6
    Barbell Shrugs 3x6
    Upright Rows 3x6
    Pushpress 3x6
    Barbell curls 3x6

    Lower Day 1
    Squat 4x6
    Leg Press 3x6
    Good Mornings 3x6
    Glute Ham Raise/Leg Curl 3x6
    SLDL 4x6
    Calf Raises 5x10

    Lower Day 2
    Deadlift 4x6
    Front Squat 3x6
    Leg Curl (superset) Leg Ext. 3x6
    Lunges 2x6
    Calf Raises 5x10

    LOADING WEEKS 3-4 Weeks
    Upper Day 1
    Flat Bench 4x8
    Skull Crushers 3x8
    Iso-metric plate raises 3x6
    Power shrugs 3x8
    Lat Pulldown 3x8
    Bicep Curl 3x8

    Upper Day 2
    Incline DB Press 4x8
    DB overhead ext. 3x8
    Barbell curls 3x8
    Iso-metric DB shrugs 5x5
    seated row 3x8
    upright rows 3x8

    Upper Day 3
    Decline Press 3x8
    Dips 3x8
    Preacher Curls 3x8
    Seated DB press 3x8
    Barbell rows 3x8

    Lower Day 1
    Squat 3x8
    Goodmorning 3x8
    GHR/ curl 3x8
    seated calf 5x10

    Lower Day 2
    Deadlift 3x8
    Front Squat 3x8
    Lunges 3x8
    Calf raises 5x10

    Lower Day 3
    Leg Press 3x8
    SLDL 3x8
    Leg curl (superset) extension 3x8
    calf raises 5x10


    Upper Day 1
    Bench 2x10
    Close grip 2x10
    military press 2x10
    upright rows 2x10
    hammer curls 2x10

    Lower Day 1
    Squat 2x10
    deadlift 2x10
    leg curl 2x10
    goodmorning 2x10

    Does it seem like I have everything covered? If anyone has any experience with these type of programs please leave me some feedback...thanks

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    I'm not any kind of expert but from what I gather, legs need more reps to get good growth out of them, but like I said I'm a noob

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    Everything covered? That routine "is like grandma's nightshirt. It covered everything", to quote ole LBJ.

    I doubt any other exercises could be found to fit in there. I'll admit the structure is lost on me, it says nothing about rest intervals or what routine is performed on what days. You really don't need all those different exercises in my opinion. I'd just stick with a few, and change those around every 6-8 weeks instead of jamming them all in.

    Seems like overtraining with all those days, but like I said I don't get the structure. Is upper day 1 for the first week, and upper 2 for the second? If so thats fine.

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