Im not gonna post his entire article, just the workout, im gonna add in my adjustments n tell me what u guys think, is it still a solid workout??

Heres the orig


Chest: One compound movement for chest. I have found the 15 degree decline or incline press to be the best for most but some like flat bench presses.

Shoulders: One over head compound pressing movement like dumbell presses or a smith machine, etc.

Triceps: Close grips or lying tricep extensions if your elbow joint can handle them..

Traps: Shrugs.

Crunches: Do a higher rep range on abs so the lower back is not injured.


Back width: pulldowns or better yet chin ups.

Back thickness: rows

biceps: dumbell curls..Avoid heavy concentrated curls such as one arm spider curls as they can rip the tendon/muscle clean from the bone.

calves: standing calf raises "not the seated version" as they are for the soleus.

quads: squats

hams : leg curls

FRIDAY: Same as mondays workout

(WEEK 2)


Im gonna follow this to a T, except on the chest days im gonna add in 3 sets of dumbell flys(3x) im gonna rotate incline n flat everyother workout,s o when i do flat bench ill do incline flies, and on days i do incline bench ill do flat flies, and the second adjustment is im gonna take out leg curls for hams n add in guys think these changes r ok, i mean i know this is proven to work, but enjoy deads so i changed that up, and the flies i threw in to add some definition, dont wanna just gain mass in my chest