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    Unhappy Finally training after elbow surgery........:(

    Finally got back to the gym ater having my elbow scoped out and a ligament tightened. Havent lifted in about 5 mo. Im 5'11" and a linebacker not a bber.. went from 233-> 201 (arms from 19->17) i am offically a skinny skinny boy.. Im stickin to 12 reps and volume on everything... for a while. Anyone here ever go through a similar injury? How much truth exists in muscle memory ?

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    Personally, i know that when you havent trained a month or 6, you've lost quite a few gains, but dont worry , they wille come back more easily than when you started training. So build up your training slowly again, you dont wanna rush things, and you'll see that normally in no time you'll have back most of ur muscles

    greetz and respect
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