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Thread: arms question

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    arms question

    I'm jsut changing my routine abit i liek 2 jsut do diffrent types of routine every once n a while 4 sumthin diffrent atm wen im training my bi's n tri's l'll do them like .... back then biceps.....and on anotha day chest and tri's......i wanna jsut dedicate a session to jsut biceps...and on a seperate day jsut triceps...etc i jsut wana know how many diffrent exercies for my bi's n tri's should i do? (remember i am doin it on seperate days) and btw im training for muscle mass .. any help be appreciated.

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    3 sets close grip bench
    3 sets tricep dips
    3 sets skullcrushers


    3 sets straight barbell curls
    3 sets preacher curls
    3 sets supinating incline dumbell curls (or hammers)

    I would personally go to failure on the first set of each exercise and subsequent sets failure minus 2 (or even less).
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    uk/ south east

    bar curl,x3
    hammer curl,x2
    alt, D/B curl,x2

    if your bulking stick to big basic exercises multiple joint midrange movement...

    if you wanted to split up bis/tris
    5chest shoulders

    This is just a quick simple and basic answer, there are 110 more things you need to take in to account.

    just something to think about....
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    oks thanks heaps l'll give it a go when i get back into my training I kinda hurt my wrist a little sooooo no weights for about a week i canntt handlee itt i wana go 2 the gym!!

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