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    Workout routine Critiques

    I am new to the board and am just getting back into lifting. I lifted some in high school, wasnt very knowledgable at it at the time. I think its fairly safe to say im a hard gainer. My highest body weight was 135 a couple of years ago before I stopped lifting. Now I am down to 124, and am planning on bulking to 155-160. My waist is 29" and im only about 5'7" so obviously im not a big guy. In reading some articles about the different body types IE. endomorph, mesomorph, and ectomorph. It seems to me that everyone is a combination of either endomorph or ectomorph and mesomorph. Which leaves me in the ectomesomorth catagory. Baseing this on a few details like long muscles, thin body figure and a few others. From what I have found in several articles, I need to increase my calorie intake, take longer rests between sets (like 2 min as opposed to 30 sec.), do high weight and low rep routines (like a 6-4-4 rep routine), and increase number of workout days. So here is what I am planning and thought I would get some opinions on this.

    Going to bump the calorie intake up to 4000 calories a day. Spread out over six meals. Also I plan on stacking the BSN mass stack and obviously the protein shakes. I have also considered trying Gakic Ill explain why im thinking about Gakic in my workout routine. Also will be supplementing BCAA's and Multivitamins.

    As for the workout routine I plan on going with a six day routine twice a day. Allowing me to take for example Back and Biceps and combineing them. But by splitting them doing one in the morning the other at night allowing for some rest between the two muscle groups. so it will look like this:
    day 1-Back/Biceps
    day 2-Chest/Triceps
    day 3-Legs/Shoulders
    On day 4 I will reverse the order the muscle groups are worked
    day 4- Biceps/Back
    day 5-Triceps/Chest
    day 6-Shoulders/Legs
    The reason I want to reverse them is to keep the muscle groups guessing. And allowing me to hit each group with the diff. workout supplement. for example day one in the morning the back would receive the BSN stack supp. then at night the biceps would receive the Gakic supp. Then on the switch day 4 the back would get the gakic and the biceps would get the Gakic.
    Sets would be in 6-4-4 reps of high weights. And 4-6 workout variations for each muscle group.
    What do you think?

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    Its good that you are doing research and learning, but the idea of doing two bodyparts per day in two separate routines is not possible.

    The CNS will be drained from the first session, and you will not be able to lift in the evening session. You will get severe overtraining of your nervous system and each day you will shake when you lift and will feel terrible. You need 48 hours for the CNS to recover after a hard session, and there should never be three consecutive workout days, 2 is acceptable.

    Rest is key for everyone, and just because you are a hard gainer does not mean you don't need to rest. You want higher reps because its likely you have a higher proportion of slow twitch muscle. Probably 10-12 reps would be best, lifting heavy will not help you so much.

    Anything more than a 5 day split is too much in a week. Supplements work systemically and will affect all your muscles over a period of time. The idea of taking them to act on a certain bodypart after working it won't do anything.
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    lol im not telling :D

    back/bi/traps/posterior Delts
    Legs ALL OF IT

    other is

    chest+shoulder press

    another is
    one body part a day

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    It depends i think, u can do 6 times a week, but u can only train a body part once a week, abs can be an exception just don't over do em.

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    Ok I did some snooping around after I saw your post Flexor. Did a little reaserch on the different muscle fiber types, looking at recovery times and how the diff. fibers work. From what I gather slow twitch acts in lower bursts of nueron stimulation. Where fast twitch stimulates the muscles at a higher rate. And from what I see you are right about the higher reps for the slow twitch fibers. As these are more of a endurance fiber. As far as the supplements go I think I gave you the wrong impression. The plan is not to try and target a specific muscle with the supplement, I know you cant do that your body is gonna use it as it sees fit and needs to. It is more of the idea of trying to creat a cycle. After reading various reveiws about the BSN mass stack, everyone stated that after time they felt the pump had deminished. I was thinking if I threw in a seperate form of "pumping" type supp. it might prolong and keep the BSN pump active longer.

    I didnt know if a 6 day routine done twice a day would be too much or not. Thats why I wanted to get some advice. I think I would still like to do a 6 day routine, I like workign the muscle groups individually.

    So im thinking about makeing it a 6 day routine working each muscle group individually. then the 7th day would be a off day. What do you think about cycleing the BSN stack with Gakic. Alternating from day to day between the two?

    Thanks for your input guys I really appreciate it.

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    you are working your tris 5 days a week bro........limit 1 bodypart per week.....

    Day 1: Chest
    Day 2: Legs
    Day 3: OFF
    Day 4: shoulders/tris
    Day 5: Back/bis
    Day 6: OFF
    Day 7: OFF or REPEAT

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    heres a link to my new workout, im in my second week and it is awsome, getting stronger, bigger, i have no complaints. ITs a good bulking workout, i do cardio tue wed sat, sometimes sunday, but usually not, i need a day of full rest. If these workouts r done t full intensity it will work well, but its fully dependant on u puttin in 100 perent every rep/set. Hope u like it
    My new workout

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