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    Could you guys please critique my leg routine?

    I recently posted a thread asking if any of you guys ever did a 4x5 routine (increasing weight each set) for squats and have gotten good results.

    A couple powerlifters at my gym say that for squats, heavy weight/low reps is better for raising your natural test.

    Is 4x5 good or would I be better off doing a 10,8,6,4 (all while increasing weight each set)?

    Here is my leg routine I plan to do:

    (All exercises I will increase the weight each set and the last set I will go to failure which will probably be about the desired number of reps I listed for the last set)

    Squats 4x5 or 10,8,6,4
    Leg extensions 12,10,8,6
    Leg curls 12,10,8,6
    Standing calve raises 14,12,10,8

    How's it look?
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    Yes,those are my legs
    Everything looks ok,but you aren't hitting your calves from enough angles.You need to have seated raises in there,and hack squat calve raises going down on negetive for 5 seconds,then hold for 15 seconds,burst up.


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    Anyone else?

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