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    I dont now if this is right

    What do you bros think...
    My workout regime is as follows.

    Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays workout then followed by 30 mins cardio

    Tuesdays and Thursdays and Saturday 45 min cardio

    And Wednesdays night soccer for an hour.

    Im on a cutting cycle.

    I can only workout in the morning. Is this ok or what do you bros think

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    I wouldnt personaly do a 30 minute cardio after a workout. I would say cardio in am before breakfast then lifting at pm would work better but it all depends on what sort of time you have on your hands. Me personaly do cardio on different days to lifting. Like this :

    day 1 : lift
    day 2 : cardio
    day 3 : lift
    day 4 : cardio
    day 5 : lift
    day 6 : rest
    day 7 : rest

    this is good for me but you may prefer somethig different

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    As far as cardio goes, it looks good. That is almost the same routine I did.

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