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Thread: split help

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    split help

    I've got a question about the training split I use. I think I operate best working out 5 times a week, and right now my plan looks like this:
    Does it make more sense to leave the split as it is, or should I switch my shoulder and legs day? I feel like I should, because as it is I don't think my shoulders are rested enough to bench well on monday. On the other hand if I move shoulders to friday, my triceps might be overtrained since they were worked the day before as well. I'm sure a lot of you guys think the whole split just sucks, so flame away and lemme know what you think, thanks.

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    Dude, at least three people have your exact split and are looking for critique. Pretty much everything is answered in these four threads...

    If you have any further questions, ask away but don't just ask what has already been answered by all these bros giving responses...

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    y'know I actually did look at a few of those posts (though all but one were from more than month ago, and the search here gives me issues a lot) and I was thinking that by asking for another review of a 5 workouts/week plan, I might get some new opinions. I was specifically hoping I would get some advice beyond just telling me to lift 3 times a week, since that just doesn't work for me. If I look back at those 4 posts, flexor, they're mostly just responses from you telling them to just go the 3 workouts route, so I thought I might try for something more. Thank you for showing me these posts, but not everyone's a retard who doesn't bother to look through old posts before asking a noobie question.

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