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    dumbbell preacher negatives

    does anyone do dumbbell negatives on a standing preacher with a friend to help get the weight back up. i tried this tonite. jus wondering if anyone else has done these or had success with them. gimme ur thoughts on this exercise?

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    I like to use negative-only after I have plateaued on an exercise. The negative the part of the movement causes the muscle trauma (which can lead to supercompensation if proper rest, nutrition, etc. is applied).

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    yep do 4-6 negitives of a 25-45 more pounds than your max curl, always a good bicep finish set

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    Each of my worksets form dumbell preacher curls are negative-only sets.

    Firstly i do 2 sets to failure...these are my 'warm-up sets' (tho not 'warm-up by the standard definition)

    Then i do 2 sets of negative-only work.

    I train by myself so i spot the working arm with the non-working arm.

    IMO this exercise works wonderfully.

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