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Thread: Dead Lifting

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    Thumbs up Dead Lifting

    I just wanted to tell you guys. I ried deadlifting for the first time yesterday, and it was freakn amazing. I have never had such an amazing workout in my life. In 30 min of cardio i don't think i have gotten that kind of work out. It felt like every muscle in my body was moving. I cannot wait for next week to do it again. It would take soo much out of me I had to wait 5 minutes befor i could do another set. Truly a good work out

    If any of you out there are thinking of trying it do it. You'll love em. Just start off wil light wieghts on each side cause it hurts. My whole body is sore today. You can do em with back and legs cause htye work both. ANyay... talk to you later

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    yeah, deadlifts are awesome, the first time I did them, my lower back was sore as hell

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    A number of powerlifting exercises were always utilized by the heros of the 60s and 70s. I never tried them until this year-( I was always obsessed with dips, pull-ups, perfect and basic form crap) In a month I noticed fantastic gains! Have you tried clean and press? Have someone teach it to you. It's one of my favorites!
    Powerlifting actually was able to break my body plateau enough that I'm positive I'll win the state title, and I haven't even cycled yet.

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