Everyone wanted me to keep them posted on information regarding GVT. I incoporated it into my training regimen once again after about two years. I am only one week in; as I previously said you will not realize the increased strength gains until the volume is tapered/weightloads increased. The lactic acid buildup is pretty painful, especially when you reach sets 8-10. Here is my program for 4 weeks EOD:

Day 1. Chest/Triceps
Incline Dumbbell Bench Press 10x10 X-0-3-1 60% 1RM
Narrow Cable Pushdowns 3x4-6RM X-0-3-1

Day 2. Shoulders/Abdominals
Dumbbell Military Press 10x10 X-0-3-1 60% 1RM
Seated Cable Crunches 10x10 X-0-5-1 60% 1RM (approximate)

Day 3. Legs
Barbell Back Squats 10x10 X-0-3-1 60% 1RM
Seated Calf Raises 8-10RM X-0-3-1

Day 4. Back/Biceps
Yates Rows (at 45 degree angle) 10x10 X-0-3-1 60% 1RM
Incline Dumbbell Curls 3x4-6RM X-0-3-1

I will keep you posted as far as progress, too early to say anything conclusive now.