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    Very supersticious

    I normally would post this in the training section, but it sometimes takes days for people to respond to those questions. now if u wanna be a dick and tell me im in the wrong forum i know, but i know u guys can answer this question.

    What is better for me to do while training on my cycle for building mass.

    Should i train each group of mucles very intensely once a week or try to do each group at least 2 times a week?

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    depends on your genetics, but i would say only once a week unless you're at a proff. or semi-proff level. rest is just as important as the workouts.

    oh, and by the way, you should have posted this in the training forum.

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    stick to once a week unless your a genetic freak like coleman. Remember AAS helps you grow by speeding recovery and it is possible to overtrain on AAS. You grow out of the gym not in Make sure to eat eat eat, train like a monster and rest

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