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    Pregnant Training

    I did a search and couldn't find any info on training a pregnant women. I know that there aren't many limitations until in the third trimester I believe. Do any of you bros have any experience with this or advice? Just found out a client is pregant and she wants to hit it even harder now.

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    Ask in the female forum, there are some really knowledgable female athletes in there that would know about this type of thing. Just a thought that might help, I personally don't know...

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    I've had 2 kiddies with my wife, and for both of them, she was training pretty heavily with weights until she got pregnant.

    she was almost 2 months pregnant in both cases before she realized she was pregnant, so she was squatting, deadlifting, benching, heavy bent rowing until then.

    once she found out she was pregnant, she stuck with pretty heavy lifting until 6 months, where she cut back to machines. up until that 6 month mark, I was essentially handing her the DB's for DB bench presses, she continued to do pulldowns, DB bench presses, lying triceps, seated DB curls, bodyweight deep knee bends (squats without the bar for high reps), sissy squats, DB laterals for shoulders, etc.

    both my kids were born incredibly healthy, and both demonstrated extremely advanced physical attributes from the get-go (i.e. lifting head, crawling, walking early, impressive physical strength and agility at young ages, etc)

    but again, I must re-iterate, my wife was very active (heavy lifting) prior to getting pregnant, and I'm sure her health to begin with was far better than the average mom. if your wife/GF isn't already in good shape, then this situation may not apply. she also had surprisingly easy births on both cases, which was a STARK contrast to her first 2 pregnancies (with first husband) where she was NOT training with weights and in good shape for the birth. both of those children were premature births, my wife gained significant wieght and had bigtime blood pressure problems.

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    training while pregnant can cause pre term labor. I wouldnt suggest more then light cardio, streching and ball work.

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