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    4 Days split off ExRx.

    Found this on their site, anyone try something like this?

    Workout A: Torso Pull

    Back (pull-ups)
    Deltoid (upright row)
    Back (barbell rows)
    Deltoid (Side raises)
    Trapezius (shrugs)
    Back (seated rows)
    Deltoid (seated rear delt)

    Workout B: Torso Push

    Chest (db flat)
    Chest (db incline)
    Chest (db decline)
    Deltoid (Front raise)

    Workout C: Leg & Arm Pull

    Hamstrings (sldl)
    Biceps (barbell curl)
    Hamstrings (leg curls)
    biceps (hammer curl)
    Wrist Flexors
    Wrist Extensors

    Workout D: Leg & Arm Push

    Quadriceps (squats)
    Triceps (skull crushers)
    Quadriceps (leg extensions
    Triceps (db skull crushers)

    will be done ABxCDxABxCDx..

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    This is basically what im doing right now. Made the 4 day split off exrx. Great way to simplify makeing a routine. Seeing some nice results so far and only been on it 2 weeks. Ive already seen some nice strenght gains.

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