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    Avoiding Hitting a Plateau

    having a good workout routine, getting enough rest, and a proper diet (according to ur goals) are just general terms of how to keep on packing on muscle and adding more weight to ur workouts.

    in essence if u are constantly shocking ur body (or to the point where u dont allow for ur body to adjust) by either doing a diff rep scheme, changing up the exercises, rest periods, and etc... shouldnt u be able to avoid hitting a plateau?

    there are many things one could do to avoid hitting a pleteua but i think one things to look at is this...
    many people have the wrong attitude when it comes to adding weight to their sets. they add too much weight where they end up losing form or are barely able to hit their rep mark, just so they get the ego boost. i used to be one of them. now the 2.5 lb plates are my best friends. an example is someone putin up 225 x 12 on flat bench. then for some reason they think they'll be able to do 275 x 10 reps but end up only getting 3 or 4. instead wouldnt it be a better idea to gradually increase and then maybe finish doin 275 x 3 for ur last set. and by doing this (gradually increasing weight) u wont so easily hit a plateau?

    i kno this seems like common knowledge, but why is it that so many people end up hitting a plateau then?

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    I agree - some people set themselves up for failure.
    I've always taken a plateau as a spot where, after you try different things, you are still unable to make gains.
    I have found that it is almost always related to food, rest or intensity as far as having the motivation to push yourself beyond "normal".

    I see guys that may do 3 x8 225lbs. on flat bench and work with that weight EVERY time they are in the gym.
    Could be that was their goal and that's all they want to do.
    Or the other...they just don't have the intensity they had a few weeks earlier.

    I say if you don't have that part down, you're just wasting your time and money with a shot or a pill.

    It's all about the drive to do more and be more.

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