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    best exercises for each bodypart

    i am looking for some advice from you guy's please.i have just got my diet in check and am now trying to set out with my workout routine.i have been doing searches but can not find the right answers for my routine.i would like to know which is the best mass building exercises for each of the bodyparts below :
    traps and neck

    for legs i am going to follow swole cat's advise.hope it's not to much to ask guy's.thank's

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    Always close to a gym
    Go to this web site exrx

    Click on the muscle you want to work or the exercise you are thinking of doing
    and you should see a short clip of how that exercise is performed.
    Click here to go to their home page
    No one can tell you all that will or will not work for you, but this site should be a great starting point.

    Also do a search for the pumping station for more info and exercises.

    Good Luck!

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    Chest-any pressing movement, work them equally (top, middle, bottom)
    Back-Deadlift, any rowing movement. Bent over rows, tbar rows. Good for lat width, in my experience, are wide grip pull ups and lat pulldowns while keeping the torso straight, pulling right under the chin
    Traps-shrugs of all types. Barbell in front, behind...dumbell to front, back, side etc
    Calves-seated and standing calf raises along with seated on the leg press
    Biceps-standing curls with the EZ curl bar...with the curve facing up rather than down has really helped lately
    Triceps- Dips, Close grip bp, skullcrushers
    Legs-Squats, leg press
    Shoulders- any press upward. Db, barbell..I also like upright rows
    Forearms-Heavy grip work
    Hamstrings-Stiff leg deadlifts

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    for back, i like doing multiple variations of lat pull downs and dumbell rows. when doing any of these exercises i try to use my back only, and not my biceps at all. also, for the rows, its good to use not only a neutral grip, but also a palms forward grip for variation. another variation of dumbell rows that boxers do to significantly increase punching power is to hold the weight in one hand, and turn your body so that it is parallel to the floor. then snap the weight back as hard as you can, being sure to twist your body. for traps, i like doing one handed cable shrugs, and straight arm rows with either a dumbell, or on the seated row machine. for delts, ive gotten good results doing incline bench with the bench almost straight up, and reverse grip military press. on the military press i make sure to bring the bar down as far as possible, and i try to concentrate on using only my delts, and not my triceps. i also like doing lateral raises on an incline bench, and straight arm kickbacks for rear delts. another exercise for shoulders that most people dont do is to hold a 5 or 10 pound dumbell in each hand, and quickly raise and lower the weight over a very short distance, as in an inch or two. do this at every possible angle you can think of. this sounds really random, but its used by kick boxers for increasing punching power. for chest i like doing cable flys for sets of 6-8, starting with the first rep targeting the lewer pecs, then doing the second rep targeting a little higher, and so on, so that the last rep is targeting the upper chest. for triceps il do close grip bench press with my elbows in as close to my body as i can, dips, incline tricep extensions, and cable extensions with alternating grip. with triceps i really try to tear it up until i can bearly do anymore weight. for biceps, il do regualr, hammer and reverse grip incline dumbell curls, and upper cable curls. for forearms il do wrist curls, reverse wrist curls, and on the seated row machine, il do wrist curls with a straight bar, making sure to start the movement with the very tips of my fingers, such that it is more of a total hand curl.

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