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Thread: ~ da tris ~

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    Question ~ da tris ~

    sup swole ups , lets face it... everyone has a lagging body part. It may be the bi's , shoulders , legs , penis , ect.... Mine happens to be my triceps. I have really good bi's but my tris suck dirty ass. Now, would you freaks be so kind to post ol $uperman some of your tricep workouts and help a brother out. thanx

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    Just happens to be one of my favorite body parts so I really like to hit them hard on arm day.
    Here it is.

    1) Dips w/body weight 5 sets at 35 reps each

    2) 5 sets of Tri cable pushdowns( if you have a rope instead of a bar it really hits the tri's alot harder. Try turning your wrist out at the bottom of the movement.)

    3) 5 sets of Tricep extensions 20lbs,20lbs,25lbs 25lbs 75lbs
    ( Ok I lied about the 75 lb dumbell! 25lb actually)

    4) 5 sets on the Tricep machine with weights. Starting at 65lbs and go up a plate with each set

    5) Skull crushers 5 sets at 50lbs each set

    6) Close grip bench press 5 sets at 95lbs (25lbs on each side with a 45lb bar) This excerise requires a spotter. Place your hands directly together on the bar. Works the forearms as well.

    After my morning workout I'll hit it agian at the gym at work during my 1 hour lunch break. After work I'll go back to the gym but this is usually just to spot my girlfriend yet I do hit a set or 2 on the arms again on various machines. ( Gotta stay pumped for my baby!)

    The Iron Chef

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    Thanx Tobey , ill give it a try . Im just gonna go ahead and use the 75lb dumbell though for the tricep extention

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    Tobey can you move your arms the next day LOL

    I train triceps after shoulders as these are mostly press movments and I find it warms them up nicely!

    I do

    Tricep pulldowns with a rope attachment (Pull the two ends of the rope away from each other at the end of the movement)

    3-4 sets 8 reps

    Tricep pull downs narrow grip 3-4 sets 8 reps

    Cable cross overs (I get a really good pump from these)

    3-4 sets 10 reps

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    I use 3-4 exercises (I vary the exercise), 3-4 sets, 8-10 reps

    - Triceps pressdown (cable)
    - one arm cable pressdowns
    - Close grip benchpress with an EZ cirl bar (oddly enough this doesn't bother my wrist)
    - Setaed dumbell extentions
    - Seated one arm dumbell extentions
    - Skull crushers
    - tricep kickbacks
    - Overhead rope extentions


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