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    advice needed please

    i am looking for some help.i have a few question's that i need answered.
    1. when doing squat's on a smith machine,should i have my legs well forward,so that when i lower my leg's to parralell,my back stay's straight ?
    2. how often should you train your abs ?
    thank's for the help guy's

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    Yes,those are my legs
    When doing squats.Your feet should be right under your shoulders.Not forward.Keep your back in a arched position

    You can train abs EOD if you want to,But twice weekly is sufficient.


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    i like to put my legs slightly forward as i fell this makes the squating process alot smoother for me ..if i have my legs inline with my shoulders on smyth it puts alot of stress on the knee joint..

    however in real sqauts dont move the legs forward as this will lead to imbalance..

    abs i train them three times a week they definetly need to be trained as they are your core and most muscles are attached to them

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