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    Other Than Warming up......

    I'm back at the gym after several years. I'm 6'5" 210lbs(dropped 7 pounds this week), meduim frame. In the past I worked out and dammit if I had a killer of a time to gain weight, I realize that my diet probably wasn't up to par but my I'm the type of person that can sit and eat buckets of pasta 7 days a week and not gain an ounce(my wife hates me for that lol).
    My question(s) are.......Other than a part of the warm-up should I be adding a cardio routine to my workout? Does cardio for a metablolism like mine affect gains negatively? And finally, if yes I need to add often and how long should I tread, bike etc...?

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    Seperate cardio from your workouts.

    If you have a hard time gaining weight you shouldn't worry about cardio.

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