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    workout while on cycle

    I'm planning on doing a 16 week cycle of eq, Test E and Dbol .
    1-4weeks 50mg of dbol
    1-15 500mg eq
    1-16 600mg Test E
    then PCT

    I'm looking to add on quality muscle with little gains in bodyfat
    my stats are
    8% bodyfat

    this is my second cycle. first one was dbol, deca and Test E

    Right now I'm debating on which workout I should do.

    This is the first one is more of a HIT program
    Chest- 3 sets of flat barbell bench. reps are 12,8,4
    3 sets of incline flys. reps are 12,8,4

    Shoulders- 3 sets of barbell military press. reps are 12,8,4
    3 sets of side lateral raises. reps are 12, 8,4

    Tris-5 sets of closegript. reps are 12, 10,8,6,4

    trap- 4sets of shoulder shrugs. reps are 12,8,4


    Back- 3 sets of pulldowns. reps are 12,8,4
    3 sets of rowa. reps are 12,8,4
    3 sets of deadlifts.reps are 12,8,4

    Legs-3 sets of Squats. reps are 12,8,4
    3 sets of leg curls./ reps are 12.8.4
    3 sets of of standing calf raises. reps are 12,8,4

    Bis- 5 sets of dumbell curls. reps are 12,10,8,6,4

    thurs -off

    friday-same as monday

    sat and sunday-off

    I will switch between using barbells n dumbells. This will be my first time using HIt

    Or should I go with the more traditional routine of this
    Legs- 3 sets of legpress
    3 sets of squats
    3 sets of leg curls
    3 sets of calf raises
    3 sets of leg extension
    all sets are between the 4-8 reps

    Chest- 4 sets of barbell bench press
    3 sets of incline dumbell press
    3 sets of incline dumbell incline flys
    3 sets of weighted dips
    all sets are between the 4-8 reps


    Backk- 5 sets of deadlifts
    3 sets of pulldowns
    3 sets of Rows

    Bis- 5 sets of dumbell or barbell curls
    5 sets of incline dumbell curls
    all sets are between the 4-8 reps

    Shoulders- 5 sets of Militart barbell or dumbell press
    3 sets of lateral side raises
    3 sets of rear lateral raises
    4 sets of shurgs

    Tris- 5 sets of closegrips press
    5 sets of rope pulldowns
    all sets are between the 4-8 reps

    sat and sunday- off

    If anyone can give me advice on which of the two routines looks better for mass and strength gains for the cycle I'm going to run.Any advice will be very much appreicated and tweak them too or give me a better routine if you know of one.
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