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    QUESTIONS,. need help!!

    Hey guys,

    i just have a few questions .. ive been lifting for about 6-7 years strong now and have a done a hand full of cycles. but my work out routine has always been the same..


    and this summer im going to start a new cycle its going to look something alot like this

    1-20 test e 700mg
    1-12 tren e 400mg
    1-18 eq -600mg

    my question to all u guys is that i want to change my routine around cuz to be honest i think im starting to platue. and i was wondering what u guys thought about training a body part Twice a week??? something like this...

    Mon- chest/back
    tuesday arms/ shoulders
    wed -legs
    thusday chest/back
    fri-arms/ shoulders

    do u think i will be over training my body? and is it harder to over train your body if your ON? and your eating right and getting enough sleep? what do u guys think?? also my main goal for this summer is to cut fat and look shredded and dense. would doing low reps help this or should i stay between 8-12

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    your CNS will recover at the same rate if you are on steroids or not. Steroids will help your muscles recover quicker, but not your CNS...

    So basically what you are suggesting is working your delts four times a week. Chest day followed by shoulder, twice per week?!?! Thats FOUR you would be seriously overtraining.

    Also doing biceps and triceps after chest and back two times a week brings the same problem. You would be working your bis and tris 4 times a week...

    I have no experience with what works for splits when on cycle so I can't advise you further than that. The split you currently do is very good for avoiding overtraining, but the one you proposed is not.

    Its possible that you feel you are plateauing because you are nearing your genetic maximum, in which case steroids will help you get past that anyway. The chances are if you are only plateauing now after 7 years of that split, there is nothing wrong with what you are doing and its just the limits of your body. That is just my opinion. Other people who are more experienced with cycles will probably tell you otherwise...

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    to much volume per wk , new program you will over train your ass off. i don't have the info but search for the H.I.T. program on this site, it may be very benneficial to you, i am a huge fan of it. anyone here have some more info on the program or care to explain it to my frined here?

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    i do know pinacle has the info on the program, pinnacle if you read this care to post an explanation?

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    he posted it in his "various training techniques" thread on the top of this page

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