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Thread: Video routines?

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    Video routines?

    OK guys, no flames please. The gym that I go to has all the right equipment but I never seem to see any MuscleHeads working out. My routines aren't out of the ordinary but I sometimes feel that I'm not doing something with correct form, some I do fine. With no bb'ers to chat with or observe its difficult to determine if a particular lift is correct or not. So...are there any videos from various bb'ers that show correct form in various weight routines? thx

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    Ask someone behind the desk at you gym. Maybe get a trainer from the gym for a day or two. If not go to a book store and there are ton's of books on working out but its best to learn in person. Make sure you look into it though. If you don't have proper form you could get seriously injured.

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    Like RON said, get a consultation from a trainer. There are a few websites out there that have animated techniques, but I can't remember what they are. Proper form is more important than heavy lifting.

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