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    various training tech. post

    I was reading the Various Training Techniques post…good stuff but, how long do some of you stick with one of these routines? I try to stick to the major compound movements, and ill stick to them for about 4 wks, then ill interchange them with thew ones I wasn’t using. Because this is where I notice that after 4 wks I don’t get the same results as I once did. But with the different training styles could I change them every 4 wks as well? I should say that I just started liftin, SERIOUSLY, and comin through. Not a weekend warrior anymore haha

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    Yes,those are my legs
    IMO they should be cycled every 4-6 weeks.For example : I use DC's method,but after 4 weeks I need a break,so I change up for a few weeks and jump back into it.


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    Yeah - through detailed journals I find myself going stale on a routine after 4-8 weeks - depending on the intensity of it...

    The biggest thing is to stick to something you are progressing with, learn from it then try somethin' else when progression becomes stale or worse - you regress. Keep goal orientated too. For example, if you want to shed excess fat - then a strength routine with long rest intervals is likely not to be as productive.

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