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Thread: lagging chest !

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    lagging chest !

    i want some ideas cause it seems whatever i do it doesnt grow up !!

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    This topic is covered frequently, so do a search for more ideas.

    Here is a similar recent thread that may give you some ideas

    Otherwise my suggestions are:

    - Dumbell bench negatives
    - Dumbell bench
    - Form
    - Dips
    - Go heavy
    - Go light
    - Rest-pause
    - Drop sets
    - Change grip and elbow position

    Choose one or two and try them out. There are so many things you can do to change your chest routine. The chest often lags behind in many people because they do not have the genetics for it, plus it is only a small muscle. Still there is lots you can do to help it out, but in the end its likely it will still lag behind when everything has been developed to 100% because that is the way you are built.

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