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    Arrow Check this training split out!!

    What do u guys think of my training split?

    day 1 - chest/calves/abs
    day 2 - back/forearms
    day 3 - delts/traps/calves/abs
    day 4 - quads/hams
    day 5 - biceps/triceps/forearms

    workout 6 days a week

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    I don't see how you can do chest after doing bi's and tri's with only one days rest. I would swap day 4 with day 5 so you would have 2 days to rest your arms. I use to workout 5 days without a break, but it started to wear on my body after a while. This is what my routine looks like now:

    Day 1 Chest and Abs
    Day 2 Bi's, Tri's and calves
    Day 3 Quads and Hams Abs
    Day 4 Off
    Day 5 Traps and Delts Abs
    Day 6 Back and Calves
    Day 7 Off

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    yea i take two days off too normally but that split it what im going to do on my cycle

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