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    How do u get vascular?

    What is the best way to get vascular. Is it best to drink tons of water? What is the most ideal BF% where you can look hard and also continue to grow?

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    no, i've learned that its something genetic, you have it , or you dont...

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    That and also I think it has something to do with your skin. (please correct me if I'm wrong), but I think some people have thick or thin skin. My skin is very thin, and when I stick to a good clean low carb diet and drink lots of water, I tend to get vascular fast.

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    Blood pressure and blood volume have an influence here as well as bdy fat. The leaner you get the less fat their is surrounding the veins. A healthy fit person will have an increased level of red blood cells, increasng blood volume casing the veins to swell and stretch. As you begin to get leaner you will find more veins appearing, first as your working out then they will be visable at rest. geting vascular is all about getting lean

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    Yep gentics, and you need to be lean to see the viens. Something things help that increase blood volume like anadrol , EQ, EPO, but most gentic thing

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    Genetics im thinking for sure,

    My lifting partner and I have similiar builds but his bodyfat is slightly higher than mine. He is not very vascular , yet on me, veins pop out all over. I do think bodyfat plays a significant role also.. we have been cutting up for a lil over 2 months and im significantly more cut and vascular than when I started. This is strict cardio and diet for me however, my partner eats a lil less clean than i do. I'll be posting pics soon...

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