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    advise on training

    i am wanting to get more cut up and i was thinkin of doin a work out that i did back in highs school im only 21 so not to long ago but it went like this

    mon-chest tris
    tues-back bis
    weds- shoulders and legs
    thurs-chest tris
    friday- back bis

    then the following weeks it would start where i left of for ex.

    mon- shoulders legs
    tues-chest tris
    weds-back bis
    thurs-shoulders legs
    fri chest and tris
    then the next week i would start where i left off i think u get how it goes

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    Massive, massive overtraining of the shoulders. On the second week you are hitting your shoulder 4 times a week for example. All this will bring you is overtraining, same goes for the other muscles.

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    Need personal stats - are you an IFBB professional or a new gym rat?

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