Alright I've been doing this new routine for about 3-4 weeks now. I really liked the looks of it on paper and really liked it for the first few weeks, but now after a month I'm not so sure. I'm not really getting any stronger and I feel smaller! Everyone else says they think I look bigger, but that could be because I'm just getting back into things after a good month off from lifting. During the first 2 weeks of this program I felt great, always felt pumped and felt bigger. Now I still get a great pump during my workout but I feel smaller outside of the gym!
I don't think that I am over training. I spent a lot of time developing this new routine and I think the exercises are all good, as well as the total sets and muscle grouping. Maybe I need more rest? Should I throw in another day off perhaps?
Perhaps my new diet and cardio is what is making me feel smaller? Not as much water retention I guess?
I'm confused now because I was really liking hitting each body part twice a week but now I'm thinking of just going to a Mon., Wed., Fri. routine!
I'm 32 years old, 6' tall, 227 lbs., don't know body fat.....maybe 10-12%?
No gear, CM2 twice a day, 250-300 grams of protein/day, drink alcohol moderately 4 times a week
Anyway, here is my current routine in case you haven't seen it:

Day 1
Chest: Smith Machine Incline Press 4x10,8,6,4 (1 warm up set 10-12)
15 degree Decline Bench 3x8
Dumbell Flyes 2x10

Shoulders: Dumbell Shoulder Press 4x8-10 (1 warm up set 12-15)
1 Arm Cable Side Laterals 3x10

Triceps: French Presses 4x12,10,8,8
Pushdowns 3x 4-6 (double drops)

Day 2

Back: Lat Pulls (wide grip) 3x8 (1 warm up set 10-12)
Bent-Over Rows 3x10-12
Seared cable Rows 3x8,8,6,6

Biceps: Straight Bar Curls 3x8-10
Incline Dumbell Curls 3x10-12

Day 3
Legs: Squats 4x8-10 (2 warm up sets 10-12)
Straight Legged Dead Lifts 3x8
Hamstring Curls 3X10
Leg Extensions 2x10
Day 4

Day 5
Triceps: Close Grip Bench 3x8*
Overhead Extensions 4x8

Shoulders: Smith Machine Shoulder Press 4x6-8
Upright Rows 3x8

Chest: Dumbell Bench 4x6
Dumbell Pullovers 2x8
Weighted Dips 3x12-15

Day 6
Back: Dead Lifts 3x8 (2 very light warm up sets 10-12)
Back Extensions 3x15
Behind the Neck Pulldowns 3x10

Biceps: Cambered Bar Curls 3x8
1 Arm Spider Curls 3x8

Day 7

Day 8

Day 9