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    pre cycle workout

    ok so im starting a cycle in 6 weeks and have a good split for while im on. looks like this 2on 1 off with a 3 day splitbworking chest, tri, delts,/ legs / and back, bi, rear delts. mostly compound exercises 9-12 sets per body part 8-12 rep range. my question is do i need to do anything training wise to get ready for my cycle? change exercises or reps so that my split is new when i go on? thanks

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    Yes,those are my legs
    IMO it's a great idea to cycle training styles every 6 weeks or so.I switch up exercises on a weekly basis no matter what style training I do.

    I'll let Flexor,S.P.G and the other regulars to this forum elaborate in detail.I don't want to step on anyones toes


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    I agree with pinnacle, 6 weeks is always best. Do something different now before your cycle so that in 6 weeks your perfect split will be all fresh and you will be totally unadapted to it for the best gains.

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