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    Home gyms vs. Fitness Clubs

    I work out at a state-of-the-art fitness club with everything I could ever need for my workouts. But, I have found that I don't ever have as good a work out there as I used to when I worked out in my garage on my equipment that I pieced together. The equipment is better than my old rusty iron, but I just don't have the same focus that I did on my home turf, when it was just me and the iron and no one else to get in my way or break my concentration.

    Anyone else have similar experience or is it all in my head?

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    I know what you are feeling...i usually lift at my university all year long. its an OK gym nothing too special. i know the same ppl in their and feel comfortable in that environment and with the equipment, its what im used to. i recently came back for winter break and went back to my local franchise gym chain. the atmosphere is a lot diff and so are the people around me. I usually have headfones on anyway which lets me focus alittle bit better, but theres always a time when i have to ask for a spot or lose focus for another reason. in short its only bothering you bcause your letting it. try and tune everything else out and concentrate on your workout....just wanted to let you know your not alone

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    I second that! I work out at my home gym 99% of the time. I currently don't have a membership to a club because I don't feel that I get as good of a workout as I do using my home gym. I do get short term memberships every year or so at a gym but I only seem to get good workouts when I got at night (after 10:00pm) when the gym is more quite.

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    I like working out at home. When I go on vacation, I'll go to a gym and workout, but feel that I get a better workout at home. I put together a pretty nice gym in my basement. I justified paying the money for my equipment since I will be saving money from not paying high gym fees.

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    I agree with doby and Izicc, if you've got the home equipment it is better IMO. I can concentrate on myself, use equipment when I need to and I don't need to fork out for very expensive gym memberships in the UK. My uni gym is like £275 a year, screw that! I can do anything at home, pullups, dips, any type of bench, any type of db or bb, squats from the other side of the extendable bench supports etc. I went to a gym up to about 6 months ago.

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    I struggled with concentration some last year. I ended up getting a mp3 player loading some kick ass tunes, ensured my workouts were short, sweet and to the point. I have home equipment but for me the couch and T.V. are too much of a distraction.

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