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    Confused with Training

    I post in two forums and in the one I usually post on I posted my routine in the weight training section and everybody jumped on me and said it looked like "flex magazine" garbage. They promptly went on to sell me on Bill Starrs 5x5 which features mainly compound movements with little isolation..and these guys are bodybuilders seeking to gain weight and size. Here is the link to the intermediate program that w/out periodization

    I ask this because I see NOBODY talks about this type of training in this forum, but everybody I talk to that has tried it has got great results. I am going to do a very mild T-Bol only cycle coming up, and I was thinking about changing up my routine to take advantage of recovery time and what not. I linked them the one day on, one day off split on the main page of steroid .com and they told me it was horrible.

    At any rate, I'm doing the linked program above to the tee, and I'd like to continue it but to the ability to totally take advantage the gear.

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    You've got to do what you feel is best for you.
    I don't think anyone is bashing the workout plan - just letting you know not to expect miracles like those reported in the magazines.

    You had asked in another thread about T-Bol cycles... here is one of the best I've read lately.

    Stick to the 5 x 5 for this cycle if it's working for you and you're staying motivated.

    Good Luck!

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