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    Bowflex of Weider Platinum Plus

    I am looking for a home gym. Free weights are not an option at this time as I will be working out on my own and want to avoid injury.

    I want to see if anyone has tried the Bowflex or the Weider Platinum Plus machines? I am leaning towards the Platinum Plus due to their more economical price.

    Any thoughts would be appreciated.

    Thank you.


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    I often workout on my own with free weights. I only need someone else for spotting on the bench when I am doing low reps or going right to failure. Otherwise there is no problem. The bowflex will not build muscle, the machines will be more beneficial for you, but free weights are the only real way to go.

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    Buy a home gym with a smith and high/low pullys. This will allow you to do all the exercises you need without a spotter and you can remove the barbell from the smith for exercises when you have a spotter or when you want to use the dumbbell without the safety. I workout at home all the time and all I do is freeweight and I almost never have a spotter.

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