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    EARLY MORNING CARDIO.........explain it???

    I do my cardio on non training days(three times a week)i do 45min in the morning on my bike and burn 600kcal does that mean i start of the day with negative 600kcal that i must make up for????

    Non-training days i eat if i do 600kcal on the bike in the morning does that mean i end up with 2400kcal for my daily total..must i componsate by eating 3600kcal to make up for this calorific loss...This really baffles me how should i change my diet around this???????

    I dont understand the theory behind morning cardio other than it taps into fat stores due to depleted glycogen..
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    Why would you call AM cardio a theory when it has been shown to be extremely effective?A theory would be subject to ridicule and conjecture.This, however,isn't the case.

    Am cardio is used during periods of dieting.So by putting yourself in a caloric deficit,you in turn loss undesirable body fat.It also allows you to maintain your caloric in take right around mainteance levels or just slightly below.Reducing the risk of loosing muscle mass.

    On the other end of the spectrum.AM cardio is used during bulking cycles to allow a higher caloric in take while reducing the risk of putting on excessive amounts of body fat.Basically allowing you to eat far more than you normally would without looking like a dough boy.

    You understand this now?It's really not a brain teaser by any means.


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    A side note worth mentioning is that your body burns(edit; uses) around 60% of it's calories by just performing normal daily things.

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