Hey gang

I figured maybe i should post what i am doing right now in the gym on weight days. I am using a trainer until i know proper technique. Its only once a week but really is keeping me working hard and toning up.

If you have any thoughts or issues you think i should talk to my trainer about please feel free. I totally respect the members of this forum. Gotta be the best, IMO it is


Ball squat 10 reps
Hammer Chest 12 reps 3 sets @ 30lbs
Hammer Chest Press 12 reps 3 sets @ 25lbs
Hammer back 12 reps 3 sets @ 45lbs
Low Row 12 reps 3 set @ 70lbs
Leg Ext 12 reps 3 set @ 30lbs
Leg Press 12 Reps 3 set @ 75lbs

after last set i go upstairs and do 25 mins cardio keeping my heart rate at 145.

Off days i do 35 mins cardio at THR 145.

I take two days off a week and have a light cheat day once a week, but so far my calories are never over 1700 for the day.

a small reduction in my cals puts me at 2000- 2200 cals a day but no way do i need that much. I take my sups and drink shakes with flaxseed so i am clean on that.

Well thats my fatboy routine, If you have any thoughts please let me know.