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    Fatigued? Not here...?

    i dont understand why my muscles don't feel fatigued anymore from lifting. i rarely get sore the next day and it is really concerning me. I remember after a rough bi workout i couldn't raise my elbow above my head, and would be sore as hell the next day. Now, i never feel anything in my back, chest, bi's, tri's, traps, or shoulders. Even lower back doesn't get taxed like it used to from deadlifts. My legs still ache and get really sore the next day, but theyre the only muscle that feels like this anymore. I'm benching close to 300 and im afraid i could be nearing my natural potential. My body isn't really meant to have a ton of mass on it. I'm 6' and weight 185 now. Ive put on 50 lbs since i started lifting and bench over 160 lbs from when i started. I hope im wrong about the natural potential nearing an end, but i dont know how else to explain it. I lift hard and ALWAYS keep proper form. One thing i think could get the fatigue and soreness back is more sets for each muscle, but the thing is, people tell me i'm doing too many as it is.

    Here's my workout if it helps find the problem

    Wide Grip Pullups - x 2
    Close Grip Pullups - x 2
    Bent over barbell rows - x 3
    Hammerstrength Lat Machine - x 3
    Dumbell Rows - x 3
    Straight Bar Curls - x 3
    Inclined Supinating Curls - x 3
    Shrugs - x 4
    Deadlifts - x 4

    Inclined Dumbell Bench - x 3
    Flat Barbell Bench - x 3
    Guillotine presses - x 2
    Crossovers - x 2
    *i rotate every couple of weeks between crossovers and decline, i think both are pointless, but i need the reps to feel anything.


    Dumbell Military Press - x 3
    Lateral Raises - x 4 (my side delt is lacking thats why im doing 4 sets here)
    Standing Military Bar Press - x 3
    Standing rows to chin - x 3
    Skull Crushers + Closegrip - x 3
    Weighted Dips - x 3
    Kickbacks - x 3
    Pulldowns - x 3
    I only ever do pulldowns if i feel my tri's havent been worked enough, which seems to be every week lately.

    Swolecats legs + forearms

    For major muscle exercises when i do three sets i try to follow 8, 8, 6 but its not always exact. For secondary exercises it's usually 10, 10, 8

    Next week im starting to take protein, creatine, glutamine, arginine, and a multi vitamin.

    Any help is greatly appreciated. I'm just here to learn.

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    Your muscles have become excellent at taking a bashing, that's all. If you work your muscles with more sets they will become progressively more efficient at endurance activites as the months go by. You have a nice routine there, but drop the kickbacks just as a matter of principle, PLEASE .

    Its a nice idea to do your auxilliary exercises with higher reps and your basic exercises with lower reps. However, I think you need a whole change of routine, I don't mean a few changes here and there, you need a change in philosophy.

    Check out Pinn's thread on Various Training Techniques for some ideas. By following an HIT routine you will drastically cut your volume, which means you will be doing the complete opposite of what you are currently doing. That should help you no end, switch-up by switching down to low volume. Your muscles will thank you for the change and they will love to adapt to something new

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