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Thread: Calves

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    For massive calves how many reps should you do?

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    Quote Originally Posted by superfat73
    For massive calves how many reps should you do?
    The calves consist of the gastrosc and the soleus. The gastrosc has a pretty even distribution of fast/slow twitch fibres, whereas the soleus is almost 85% slow twitch. This changes what reps are best for them. Of course everybody differs slightly, but this will work for most.

    To target the gastroscnemius you want standing raises at 15 reps. To target the soleus you want seated raises with your knees flexed instead of extended, and perform 20 reps. You need your knees flexed in the seated position to reduce the recruitment of the gastroscnemius. This is because it is a knee flexor as well as being responsible for plantar flexion of the ankle. Its biarticulate. Therefore if you flex your knees it has already partially contracted and when your flex your ankles, it does not contract as hard and the soleus takes over. This principle is called active insufficiency.

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