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Thread: Max-OT ?

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    Max-OT ?

    What do You guys think about that Max-OT program ?
    One muscle group per day... Max-OT sets with weight that u can lift max 6 times. Sounds good to me.. I read the whole thing and I think i will give it a shot. If I can workout one muscle group for 30-40 mins with heavy sets like that, It will be hell of a workout. Use all the energy and focus on that one muscle group.
    I was thinking about my new routine ( all reps are with weight that I can lift max 6 times ). Ill post it later on tonight.. for now what do You guys think ? I think this is a good idea.



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    There is already a recent thread on this topic here

    Check S.P.G's post in the thread its good info, and also his link to a website with some more info about it.

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