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    Whats your ultimate schedule? Just wanna see everyone's input

    Whats your ultimate schedule? Just wanna see everyone's input:

    From you chest day to your legs, what is everyone's best workouts
    Specify what it does for you, builds mass, cuts you up, gives massive strength ect. How many sets and reps do you do and on what machines?

    Thanks Bros

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    My training split is this
    Sunday-Chest,Triceps and Abs
    Tuesday-Legs and Calves
    Wednesday-Delts,Biceps and Abs
    Friday-Back and calves
    As far as for bulking and cutting thats more about your diet.
    As far as sets go legs,back and chest get 12-15 and delt,triceps and biceps get 9-12.
    Also I do 90% of my workout with free weights. I only do machines if I can't do a particular exercise with free weights.

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    Monday: Triceps/Chest/Delts
    Tuesday: rest
    Wednesday: Legs/Calves/Glutes
    Thursday: Biceps/Forearms/Back/Traps
    Friday - Sunday: rest

    I do three to five exercises for each bodypart, 3-4 sets, 6+ reps (most to failure)

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    Big Show 23 Guest
    Day 1 Chest and Triceps_8 sets for chest 5-6 sets for Triceps
    Day 2 Back and Biceps_7 sets for Chest 5 sets for Biceps
    Day 3 Rest
    Day 4 Shoulders and Traps_6 sets for Shoulders 3 sets for traps
    Day 5 Abs and Legs_9 sets for Abs 8-10 for Legs
    Day 6 & 7 Rest

    I do about 4 to 5 excercises for each bodypart

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    Monday = legs/calves(quads only)
    Tues = Chest biceps, calves
    Wed = Back/hams, abs
    Thrus = Off
    Friday Shoulders/tri's/calves
    Sat and Sun off

    I do 16ish sets for large groups and 12ish for smaller ones.

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