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    First i need to say so you guys will understnd my rep scheme is 10 8 6, going heavier every set....

    Ok so im 3 weeks into my new workout, and im getting stronger in EVERY aspect except my set that needs me to get 6 reps. All my other sets r getting stronger, meaning ive moved up in weight n still got out the same amount of reps. Only thing was my last rep of 6 would not budge. I just couldnt go up in weight, so i decided to make my rep scheme 8 6 10, thinking i will have more energy to get out more then 6 reps, What i did was only try and maintain the weight for the others, and just get more reps out on the heavy set, therefore getting stronger, AND IT WORKED!! i got out 2 extra reps, and still maintained my weight in the others, this was 2 weeks ago
    Today i went back to the 10 8 6, and ive gotten MUCH stronger in every aspect, not only the heavy one. Just thought id post this to show u it doesnt take much to trick ur muscles, and get stronger everyworkout

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    You could go with the 6/8/10 rep scheme as well. You will be surprised at how much weight you will be able to put up on the 6 rep set. Just make sure to warm-up properly to reduce the possibility of injury.

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