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    critique this routine

    currently 20 years old fluctuating 180-190 lbs (mainly because of the weekend) Been training for almost a year now. I wanna be big.... which i am not
    will b doing 3 x 8
    first set will be last week's weight. If i can do more than 8 reps i move the weight by 5-10lbs depending on the exercise. I got the tempplate for the workout from Also i have listed the order in which i will be doing the workouts. ALso i am not a big fan of chest exercises, though a big fan of legs and back so the routine for those parts may be a bit overworking...
    monday leg and arm pull
    bb stif leg deadlifts (2 warmup sets)
    bb curls
    leg curls
    reverse cirls

    tuesday leg and arm push
    squat (2 warmup sets)
    dips (1 warmup set)
    lunges (4 x 6) cause it takes too damn long to do 10 of them! and makes me bored! Although i like to do them
    hack squat
    close grip bench

    wednesday - misc stuff because of time constraints
    reverse curl
    calf raises
    wegihted crunches

    thursday - torso pull
    deadlift (2 warmup sets)
    chin ups
    lat extensions (like doing chin ups except using wide pulleys and kneeling down)
    bb bent over row
    seated row
    db shrugs

    shoulder press
    lateral raises
    bent over laterals
    (2 hour break because of class)
    db flat bench
    db incline bench
    cable crossover

    friday evening and saturday evening - work which is like cardio for about 3 hours involving light shoulder pressing and some light lifting (30 - 60 lbs?) Cannot avoid this.

    What exercises could i add/subtract from this routine? Your input isgreatly appreciated!
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