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Thread: Not Sore

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    Not Sore

    I just wanted to know if you don't feel sore does that mean your not growing. I did the search but when you put in sore it gives you everything on the site. I have been doing new machines at my new gym and I am not getting as sore, but I feel and look bigger. I have heard that soreness deal a lot with ligaments and tendons so maybe it's because I am using better form?? Anybody know??

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    my reps are nice and slow when i lift. Like when i do biceps my feet are about shoulder with my back straight and my dumbells twist as they come up and i squeeze tight when i peak then i let it slowly down and repeat. also try not to rest it when you let it down or when you peak keep it moving continuously I don't swing at all. If your swinging then it's to much wait because your cheating and your not going to benefit from it at all. But when i'm not getting soar anymore i just up the weight. I get soar from every part i work out the only problem i have some of the time is biceps, getting them soar sucks sometimes for me. But everytime i work them out i try harder and perfect my form more and just try to imagine them getting soar and growing with each pump. so it could be alot of things but i think probably it's your form and your cheating or perhaps you need more weight. but just try to concentrate them more and just try to perfect your form. form is everything. I was doing my exercises to fast and i slowed them down and that worked for me, hope it does for you bro.

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