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Thread: Stupid Question

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    Stupid Question

    This might be a dumb question. When I'm doing chest,I do flat bench first and then I do incline. My incline lifts and weight go done, if I would have started incline instead of bench and vice versa. Basically my strength goes down.
    I.E. I start of doing 3 set of 8 on flat bench. Then I go do incline, I can only do 3 sets of 8 using the 110lbs. But if I started incline in stead of bench, I could do 3 sets of 8 using the 115lb. Is that normal or am I overtraining. Also my tris lifts goes down, cause i do tri and chest together

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    You're going to be strongest on your first few sets and then as your muscles fatigue you will not be able to handle as much weight. This is perfectly normal. Since your triceps are also involved in benching, you can expect them to be somewhat fatigued also.

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    Yup - and check your grip width too... if you are too narrow that will put more stress on the triceps. Work on your visualization too - you should pump yourself up with light sets and be able to invision the pecs pushing the weight. Also, I like to tuck my shoulder blades under neath my back to pop the chest out a bit too... helps me better focus on the pecs...

    You can do either one first. The flat bench will work the larger muscle - pec major, so common wisdom would have you working this first... while fresh. But if you want to bring up the pec minor (upper chest) because it is lagging behind - then you should prioritize it by putting it first...

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    yea thats normal however i wouldnt always do flat bench first then incline i would switch it up once in a while to throw a curve ball at your body and make sure you do it with all your body parts not just chest

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