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    Question I need help to create my new program of exercise ?

    I need help to create my new program of exercise.

    The only goal that I have is too put as much mass as possible, to gain a maximum of weight. I donít care about definition now. I just want mass.

    Can you tell me which exercise to do for mass for all the body:
    Legs, Calf, Biceps, Triceps, Shoulders, Back, Abs, Chest.

    And please can you tell me how much sets and reps and the day to it and the combinaison of it.

    Exemple: On day 1, do chest, back, bicep. With those exercise, and 4 reps, 12,10,8,8.

    If someone can do that for me, I you really appreciate.

    Don't forget, My goal with this program is to gain as much weight as possible.

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    I have posted this routine several times lately. It is from a strength coach named Ian King. I made huge gains on this routine last year. Beyond that I say just stay with compound Movements Squats, Bench, Deadlift, Etc.

    For Mass maybe try something like this. It was written by a strength coach named Ian King.


    Flat Bench
    10 reps @ 30% * * denotes warm-up
    8 reps @ 60% *
    6 reps @ 80% *
    4 reps
    3 reps
    2 reps
    4 negative reps 25% heavier than max
    15 reps

    Close Grip Rows

    Same Rep scheme

    Close Grip Bench

    3*10 reps



    Same as above however the second set of 4 is not negatives. They just have to be heavier than the first set of 4.


    Same as above

    Calve Raises



    Military Press

    Same as bench

    Wide Grip Pulldowns/ Pullups

    Same as above

    Barbell Curls


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    stick to the basic movements like stated above..eating right is half the battle also if your not eating alot of good foods then you probaly are just wasting your time here is a website that you can calculate how many calories you should be taking per day according to alot of factors...
    as for the workouts to gain mass i would do low reps 6-8 and high weights dont do too much weight and sacrifice your form a little more on the workout forums there are plenty of different mass building workouts around good luck bro

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