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    Muscle formation question.

    I just did a special little workout i haven't done in a while, which completely destroyed my biceps. The thing is whenever i do these, my bicep looks like it has a "step" in it..... like some stairs... Why is this.... im curious if i keep doing this will i build up that lower portion, and make a bigger peak? hmmmm

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    I believe to a certian extent the shape, peak, etc. of biceps and other muscles is due to genetics. Although an individual can try to isolate and improve these things there will always be a limit to how well they can develope them. In order for us to get a better idea of what part of your biceps you are hitting the most, it may be helpful to list some certain exercises that you do in your routine.

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    I did sets where one rep would consist of half way up then all the way up...
    i got baseball peaks from this...

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