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    2 day a week lifting program for boxing

    I am going to start training for amateur boxing again (I used to box years ago). I'm 26 6' 233 with some body fat. I am going to be boxing training 3 days a week (m,w,f) and I will be lifting and running on the treadmill 2 days a week (tues,thurs.) On Sat. and Sun. I can't workout because I work late on the weekends. Pretty much everyday I work 7 am-3 pm. And on the weekends I usually work late.

    How does this look?

    *I will increase the weight each set and the last set go to failure, I usually fail at the desired number of reps for the last set


    Boxing training (including ab work and medicine ball. I will also be sparring on only this day of the week)


    Run on treadmill for 10 minutes as a warmup before lifting
    Flat bench press or Flat dumbell press 10,8,6
    Incline bench press or Incline dumbell press 10,8,6
    Seated overhead barbell press or Seated overhead dumbell press 10,8,6
    Wide grip upright rows 10,8,6
    Barbell shrugs 3x10
    4 way neck machine 3x10


    Boxing training


    Run on treadmill for 10 minutes as a warmup before lifting
    Squats 10,8,6
    Deadlifts 3x5
    Leg curls 12,10,8
    Seated cable rows or Bent over dumbell rows 10,8,6
    Close grip lat pulldowns 10,8,6
    Wide grip lat pulldowns 10,8,6


    Boxing training

    Sat. OFF

    Sun. OFF

    Is this a good weight lifting routine I have for boxing? Also, if you want to see my boxing routine, you can see it here:
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    you may want to try posting this in the boxing forum, you'd probably get some mroe results, sorry i can't help ya

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    if you can only train weights 2 times a week, do lower body work out. The other day do your upper body .

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