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    Training while juicing

    Hi. I normally work out each bodypart once a week, in a pretty common split. But my question is can i decrease my rest time, and increase my volume of training while i'm on my cycle? I'm a student so am gonna have like four months off over summer and loadsa free time. Is this split gonna be more effective?
    Day 1- Chest 20 sets (am), Upper Chest 20 sets (pm)
    Day 2 - Shoulders 20 sets (am), Triceps 20 sets (pm)
    Day 3 - Back 20 sets (am), Biceps 20 sets (pm)
    Day 4- Legs 20 sets (am), forearms and mid section (pm)
    Day 5 - OFF
    Then repeat.
    Do i even need to take a day off?
    Keep in mind this will only be being used whilst on steroids , not when i come off them, i'll go back to my normal training schedule then.

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    you juice and lift at the same time, your split looks good, but don't lift if that same body part is still sore from previoous workout, plus AS will help w/ recover, take protein, creatine and glutamine

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