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    Quick Tips & Techniques (Arm Development)

    Blow by sticking points with partial reps:

    Have your biceps reached a sticking point in terms of size and/or shape? Blast them into new growth by using partial repetitions. I like to use three-quarter or one-half partial range movements with biceps.

    With preacher curls for instance, I’ll warm up by doing a couple full range sets with moderate weights. Then I’ll go heavy with a partial rep focusing on only the bottom half of the movement. In other words, I’ll stop halfway up, lower slowly, and repeat.

    After a short rest, I’ll throw a few more pounds on the bar and do partial preachers using only the top half of the movement. Here I’ll lower the weight only half way down, then curl the weight fully in squeezing hard at peak contraction.

    Try experimenting with different exercise and varying partial ranges to blast past your sticking points and shock your arms into some serious growth.

    Seated, incline hammer curls for arm mass:

    Sit on an incline bench with about a 45° angle with dumbbells in each arm and arms fully extended at the side. Keep your palms facing in towards the bench. Make sure you keep your upper arms as still as possible while you curl the dumbbells straight up. Your wrists should remain locked in position with the palms facing in towards each other. Remember, this is not your standard dumbbell curl where you actually want to supinate the wrists extensively—keep your palms locked in the hammer position here.

    This movement can be done by alternating arms—as with standing hammer curls—but with the seated, incline version I prefer to work both arms simultaneously in a nice, steady rhythm.

    Stretch your triceps to new growth with dumbbells:

    For an excellent variation on the Lying Triceps Extension try doing them with dumbbells. The exercise is performed in a similar way to the E-Z Curl or Straight bar French Press version.

    Lying on a flat bench, you begin with your arms extended above you. Slowly lower both dumbbells simultaneously by bending at the elbows. Be sure to keep your upper arms perfectly straight and still.

    Then simply push the dumbbells up and lockout at the top, squeezing your triceps as you complete the movement. Lower slowly and repeat for 8-12 reps. Using dumbbells with this exercise from time to time will force you to maintain perfect form and really blast your triceps. And the stretch you get is absolutely intense!

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    good info bigD

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    yeah sounds like a good way to change up my workout

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