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    started cardio again...ugh

    Started my cardio up again with a 3 mile run this morning. 2 1/2 weeks off of cardio, and not only have I become a fatass, but an out of shape on at that! I currently feel like I am going to I remember how much cardio sucks. I am going to try splitting it up to twice a day, 3 days a week. Any thoughts?

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    Yeah I have to start cardio as well bro, it does suck. Since you're doing it in the morning I would do it 5 days a week but only in the morning. This way you develop a systematic routine which might be a little easier to keep rather than the 2x\day. If you want to get in shape quick then incorporate some Fartlek training in your routine after the first couple of weeks.

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    Heh yes it really does suck

    I do cardio 5 times a week. 25 mins at target heart rate POST weights
    and 35 at target non weight days

    I hate every second of it but i just have to do it or i will lose everything i have worked for so far.

    hehe just found out that my first BF % was wrong.. i started at 33% so today i just discovered i have lost another 3% in 26 days.. not a speed record but doing nicely for me

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